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Funerals at St. Martin of Tours may be planned for 9:30am any day except Sundays, Holy Days of Obligation, and days during the Triduum. 

Please contact your funeral home of choice first, and they will arrange the date with the church.

Families may plan the service on their own using the forms provided by the church or funeral home, or they can meet in person with the Office staff. We ask that the Office receive all the paperwork at least 1 day before the services.

The reading selections can be found below, along with options for the Prayer of the Faithful (General Intercessions). 

There are suggestions for Music to help you plan the service. However if you prefer, the musician will plan all the songs for your service.



Grieving the death of a loved one can be a long and painful journey. There is no timetable for the mourning that one feels. Grief work is the process that involves learning to live with the emptiness, creating meaning out of the loss and rejoining life to live more openly and fully. 

There are a number of grief support groups. Please see the resources below:


Bereavement Ministry held at St. Martin of Tours:

Whether you are a parishioner or not at our linked parishes of St. Thomas Aquinas/St. Martin of Tours,

all are invited to attend our Bereavement Ministry which meets in the sacristy at St. Martin of Tours at 6:30pm every second Monday of each month. (When there is a holiday it will be held the following week..) 

This is a free ministry and outreach for those who are grieving a loss. Whether your loss is recent, been years, involves a parent, child, spouse or loved one, contact Mary Catherine and Marty Kennedy at 825-6327 or 


Contact Maryanne Hubert, Director of Bereavement Support Services at the Catholic Cemeteries for information about grief support groups and current program schedule of events. or (716)873-5680.

Bereavement Hotline: 716-332-0202

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