Current Directives from the Diocese are requesting that all Funerals be postponed. It is recommended that a prayer service would be done at the cemetery with a Memorial Mass to be scheduled after this crisis is over. If you feel your Funeral can NOT be postponed, it will be held with immediate family only. Thank you for your understanding during this time.


Funerals at St. Martin of Tours may be planned for 9:30am any day except Sundays, Holy Days of Obligation, and days during the Triduum. 

Please contact your funeral home of choice first, and they will arrange the date with the church.

Families may plan the service on their own using the forms provided by the church or funeral home, or they can meet in person with the Office staff. We ask that the Office receive all the paperwork at least 1 day before the services.

The reading selections can be found below, along with options for the Prayer of the Faithful (General Intercessions). 

There are suggestions for Music to help you plan the service. However if you prefer, the musician will plan all the songs for your service.

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