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STA SMT Youth Update


If you have not received a letter and registration form in the mail please contact Maureen Myers at 512-8176 or asap. 


Anyone interested in becoming part of the Youth Faith Formation team please contact Maureen Myers.

It's time to register for

9th Grade and Confirmation classes.

If you wish to pay online, please click here

Grade 9

STA SMT 9th grade Registration forms 2021_Page_3.jpg
STA SMT 9th grade Registration forms 2021_Page_2.jpg
STA SMT HIGH SCHOOL GRADE 9  Registration forms 2021_Page_1.jpg


Registration form CONFIRMATION 2021-2022.jpg
STA SMT CONFIRMATION calendar 2021.jpg

Congratulations to our newly Confirmed young adults.

Confirmation 2021.png
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