You will find attached the forms for Choosing Your Confirmation Name and the guidelines for writing your Saint Report. These are due on Wed April 14th at our next INPERSON session at St Martin's Church. We will follow all proper COVID 19 guidelines for our session.


A reminder to complete the form and return to me April 14th. Your Saint Report can be emailed or texted or handed in -in person on April 14th. 


I must have a firm commitment of Service for next week on Tuesday at 9:30 AM at St Martin's Church. You will meet up with Mr Weimer outside the church in the back parking lot.

Please let me know if you are able to be a part of the Team at St Martin's.


St Thomas Aquinas will take place on Thursday April 8th- 9:30. Meet Mr. Weimer in front of St Thomas Aquinas Church on Abbott Road.Please let me know if you are able to be a part of the Team at St Thomas Aquinas. 


The indoor church cleaning can not take place at this time. 


I have heard from a few people but am waiting to hear from many more. I am hoping to secure some strong gents and ladies to be able to work outside and be a part of the team. 


You must look at yourselves and identify what service you have been able to perform so far. And if you are in need of more than 5 hours you need to sign up for this project.

Hope to hear from  you by Friday if possible letting me know who will report on which day.

Thank you and to you and all your family members I wish you all a Happy Easter. 


I also remind you of our services on Holy Thursday, Good Friday and Easter Sunday .


Enjoy a safe and happy vacation time. 


PRAYER REQUEST: Please remember in your prayers two members of our South Buffalo Community who were from the parishes of St Martins and St Teresas. I was fortunate to have known both of them and I ask the families of our  Confirmation candidates  and all members of our Confirmation class of 2021 to remember in prayer John Fischer who was killed in a car accident this past weekend and whose funeral was today at St Martin's Church. Also to remember State Trooper Joseph Gallagher who was injured in the line of Duty in 2017 and who passed away from those injuries last week. His funeral will take place on April 7th at OLV Basilica. All flags in New York State are flying in his honor for these 30 days. Joe was a student of my Faith Formation Program at St Teresa's when I was the DRE there. I worked with him from Kindergarten through his Confirmation in 11 th grade. Joe was also the nephew of Msgr Gallagher who passed away last year and who served our parish communities. Please remember these members of our South Buffalo Community and their families as they grieve the loss of their loved ones. I was lucky enough to teach John's brother and work with John on many projects when I was a teacher at St Martins many years ago. As we move through the Triduum- Holy Thursday Good Friday and Easter may we truly pray for John and Joe and ask God to bless their families with His healing love.


This too is what we are about as Catholics to support one another with our prayers and love at difficult times in life. May God grant them all his healing graces. God Bless them all. 



Again Happy Easter/Happy Spring

Maureen Myers

High School and Confirmation Youth Director STA/SMT

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